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"Development of ports with a high success rate, expertise and know-how in projects for access channels and placement of berths with low capex and opex."


Viabilizamos oportunidades de desenvolvimento para os nossos públicos de interesse.


Geramos valor genuíno para as pessoas, os negócios e a sociedade.


Buscamos oferecer as melhores experiências em diversão e entretenimento.


Somos compromissados com o desenvolvimento socioeconômico sustentável.


Zelamos pela integridade das pessoas e do patrimônio respeitando o meio ambiente e guarnecendo princípios e práticas ESG.



“Contribuir para a evolução de portos de entretenimento no Brasil”



“Inovar o desenvolvimento do turismo na costa brasileira”



“Promover o Brasil como protagonista no mercado de portos de entretenimento”

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Ethics and integrity program

Compliance Program

Integrity is a fundamental value for BC Port A/S and a pillar for building solid, transparent and trusting relationships with its employees and its external public. The achievement of a good business reputation, based on ethics, is part of the BC Port way and each employee is essential for maintaining this successful path!

What is Compliance?

Compliance is a word of English origin and means conformity.

When thinking about the corporate environment, Compliance translates into conformity with the laws and regulations that need to be observed in conducting business, not only that, but also compliance with the company's internal rules, in which the Code of Ethics and Conduct stands out.


Esta logo é o nosso escudo de comprometimento

What is the BC Port compliance program?


The ethical culture in the business environment has followed the history of BC Port A/S over the years. To ensure that this important value is increasingly strengthened, the company relies on the Compliance Department to monitor adherence to BC Port internal rules, such as the Code of Ethics and Conduct, as well as adherence to laws and regulations.

Ethics and Compliance Committee

The Ethics and Compliance Committee is the BC Port body responsible for the supervision and monitoring of all actions related to the Compliance Program, especially the topics covered by the Code of Ethics and the handling of complaints received.

Code of ethics and conduct

The BC Port Code of Ethics and Conduct is a document that must be followed by all employees, in the most varied situations and themes.

It contemplates the BC Port operating principles, present in the relations with employees, customers, suppliers, service providers, government and community, as well as other partners.

Other Policies and Documents

Clear rules that has for purpose to affirm BC Port ethical and transparent commitment. They ensure compliance and the correct management of business relationships.

Compliance belongs to everyone!

The Compliance department and the Ethics and Compliance Committee are primarily responsible for ensuring the governance of the BC Port Compliance Program.

However, Compliance does not exist without everyone's participation. Be it in the daily attitudes, in the ethical conduct of business, in the observance of laws and internal rules, in the participation of training activities and Compliance communication, as well as in direct action, when informing when something is not right or, when consult and there is a doubt.

The construction and preservation of an integral culture depends on each one of us!

Ethics Channel

As part of the Compliance Program, BC Port provides an Ethics Channel to its employees and the external public, so that any suspicious or contrary attitude to the Code of Ethics and Conduct, internal policies or laws, can be informed.

The BC Port Ethics Channel is managed by a third and specialized company, which guarantees the anonymity of those who do not want to identify themselves and preserves the confidentiality of the information.

Gostaria de Relatar uma atitude suspeita ou indevida do BC PORT?

Would you like to report a suspicious or improper attitude?

Choose how you would like to file your report:

• Online: click here to access

• By phone: 0800 777 0722

To see the progress of your process, click here.

Other questions can be sent by clicking here.

If you prefer, contact Compliance by e-mail:

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